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Tiles & Wood Flooring

CKB Design provides clients with a full range of quality tiles and semi-solid wood flooring options. Our low maintenance wood floors come in a range of finishes and gives any room a touch of style and timeless elegance.
Our large selection of kitchen and bathroom tiles are specifically designed for the demands of a kitchen or a bathroom.

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We supply clients with a massive selection of tiles. Our comprehensive range of tiles are suitable for all kinds of budgets.
Price shouldn’t mean you’re not receiving quality. Our tough and sturdy ceramic range of tiles, guarantee longevity. Our ceramic tiles are available for both kitchens and bathrooms.
For customers in a higher price bracket, we provide a high-end range of Spanish and Italian tiles.
Italy has always been synonyms with elegant interior design and our beautiful range of Italian tiles is a testament to this rich tradition.

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Semi Solid Wood Floors

Our semi solid wood floors are available in a range of beautiful wooden finishes. The natural grain pattern on wood can give any room a hint of timeless elegance.
Semi-Solid Wood floors are easy to install and are a low maintenance flooring solution.

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Along with our wood flooring and tiling solutions we provide customers with a range of laminate options. Modern laminates are made from tough durable material designed to retain their design and colour for longer, even in areas of high footfall. Our laminates are the perfect for those who don’t want to compromise on price or on the beauty of their flooring.

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